December 13, 2012

Internet News

Everyone wants to know, why did Facebook buy Instagram? Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook, says, “Now, we’ll be able to.. offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful photos with people..” Obviously, Facebook wants the best of the best associated with their name. This is probably why Facebook bought the best photo sharing social network for $1 billion. Why would they not?
There are many different opinions circulating about this business deal between Instagram and Facebook. Some are satisfied, while others are a bit disappointed. Some are going as far to even delete their Instagram accounts. If you go online, you can even find helpful sites that will teach you how to save your Instagram pictures while still being able to delete the app. There is fear that Facebook will add advertisements to Instagram, which Instagram did not have before. There is also the disappointment that people’s Instagram photos will now not be so private. Instagram offered the personal privacy of its users and there is fear that this may change. People are stating that, “Instagram is over! Our favorite app is ruined forever!” But still, many others are satisfied with the fact that now they may upload their profile pictures more easily and share their pictures with more of their friends.
How could Facebook improve Instagram though? Well, first of all, the whole nine employees of Instagram became instantly rich because of Facebook! That’s a good start. It is also believed that Zuckerburg will not want to make changes to Instagram but instead will just want to make it faster and more convenient to use for both Facebook and Instagram users. This is believed because Instagram was already integrated with Facebook and they are not competitors to try to outdo Facebook. So, why would Facebook want to change anything?