Progessive Slots

Progressive Slots, in my opinion, should only be played with winnings from other games because a larger bankroll is required for these versions.

Most slots players are not aware that there are two levels of progressive jackpots - primary and secondary. Nearly all are at least three coin machines where there are many graduated jackpots and pay symbol possibilites. A "primary" jackpot is the top prize offered when a player hits that specific combination which will pay the top jackpot. In the case of Megabucks, linked to participating casinos, these are the four Megabucks symbols all correctly lined up together on the pay line. This top jackpot, increasing with each coin played is the one showing the most money, and is usually displayed with the biggest sign and numbers above the carousel or bank of machines. Secondary jackpots are displayed on smaller  screens blog specializzato slotmachines mounted below the big screen of the primary jackpot, and also increase apportionately to the number of coins played. These jackpots are hit more frequently and therefore do not always have a large sum of money on the progressive meter. If both jackpots are high, the indication is that these machines have had a lot of play without hitting either jackpot and therefore the chances of that jackpot hitting soon are greater. Before playing any single group of progressives, check out the primary and secondary jackpots, then compare other surrounding progressives on the casino floor to see how high those jackpots are relative to their starting amounts.

After a progressive jackpot is hit, the meter automatically resets to the base jackpot amount. The Megabucks slots begins at 3 million and secondary jackpot starts at $2,000.

If you see a Megabucks close to these two numbers, you know they have been hit recently. Save your money and dont play them until the jackpot grows. Megabucks jackpot update-- 1-888-448-2win.

Same principle applies to other progressives and their base jackpots.

Change people and slot hosts can be very helpful with information on where the largest progressive jackpots are located.